Bone of contention . . . The council-owned section alongside Gore airport in Charlton is set to be the new site for the district dog pound at the cost of $200,000. PHOTO: MICHAEL CURREEN

Gore’s dog pound is getting a new home at the airport, but the “horrendous price” of extra kennels is a deal-breaker for Cr Stewart MacDonell.

He was one of two councillors who voted against the new pound after a report detailing cost estimates was discussed at a full council meeting last Tuesday.

Construction of the pound at 28 Jubilee Ave, in Charlton, had been approved in principle at last month’s council meeting, pending the cost estimate.

The project was costed at $199,648, just under the $200,000 budget given in 2019.

Of that, $15,000 was to build four new dog kennels.

“The budget’s all wrong and this is just way over cost for fitting out some dog kennels,” Cr MacDonell said.

Cr Bret Highsted said he was comfortable with the cost of the project.

“I think we’re at risk of throwing rocks at staff over areas we don’t have information on. That’s the staff’s job,” he said.

“We need to remind ourselves there’s a group of professionals .. delivering to a budget and we need to respect that.”

Facilities administration officer Neil Mair tabled the report at the meeting and said the kennels would be single bay.

Kennels at the existing pound would be moved to the new site and “the cost of $15,000 is to build ones exactly the same”.

They would meet all safety requirements, he said: “Not just the dogs’ safety but also for the staff’s safety.”

Despite inflation and rising construction costs, the pound could still be delivered for less than $200,000, he said in the report.

“Any further delays will incur higher costs and product supply uncertainties.”

Cr Bronwyn Reid congratulated Mr Mair for keeping the cost under budget and gave her support to the project.