Supreme wheels... Gore Freight and Storage driver Peter Kingsford achieved his goal of winning the Kind Rig at the McDonough Contracting Gore Truck Show on Saturday. PHOTO: Margaret Phillips

Two days spent cleaning and polishing his truck paid off royally for Peter Kingsford.

The Gore Freight and Storage driver won the King Rig title at the McDonough Contracting Gore Truck Show on Saturday with his 2016 Nissan Condor.

It was “the icing on the cake” for the truck driver, who along with four other men was instrumental in starting the truck show up again after it was mothballed for several years.

Mr Kingsford said he, Johnny Watson, Dean Findlay and Graham McCauley were behind the re-establishment of the parade in the late 1990s.

The triumphant driver said he had been a judge and on the organising committee as well as taking part in the parade.

He had given up both commitments but continued to enter the parade.

“It was the icing on the cake to get the King Rig trophy – it just topped everything off,” Mr Kingsford said.

He said he was over the moon when the win was announced.

“It capped off a good day,” he said.

He won the best new truck title with the Condor in 2016.

He had a rest for a year and came back this year with the truck polished to perfection and claimed the big title.

He believed taking the time and effort to ensure the truck was spotless made the difference.

There were definitely no dents or scratches on the Condor.

The parade was well run and there were some great prizes up for grabs, he said.

He was planning to lead the parade procession next year in the Nissan and also try to keep his title.

The truck was used to ferry freight around Gore and to outlying towns such as Wyndham and Edendale, he said.

He started his truck-driving career at Cunningham Transport in Gore when he was 18.

Then he spent 29 years working for Blue Mountain Lumber, he said.

There had been many changes during his driving career, one of the more notable being the introduction of log books.

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