Last Year’s novice winner takes second place this time


After winning the novice section at the South Island Secondary School Motocross Championships last year, Ryan Currie said coming second this year was gutting.

The Gore High School pupil said a team of six from his school went to the motocross event, held last weekend.

“Last year was the first time we had gone to the ride, it was great going again this year as a group.”

After winning the first race at the track, he came second in his other two runs.

Fifteen riders competed in the novice division.

Riding his new Honda CRS 250X around the farm at home was good practice for these competitions, Ryan said.

“But after 95 bikes riding the track on the day, the field gets pretty messed up by the end.

“This was my first year to race against Jonty [Riordan], and it was pretty close.

“He gave me some competition, I was happy about that.”latest RunningNike Release Dates