Level 4 extends visit

Road to nowhere...Jennie and Ian Rennie are lockdowned at the Gore A & P Showgrounds in a fifth wheel caravan which is their home. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Ian and Jennie Rennie have travelled around New Zealand by sea and land and now they are marooned in Gore.

The couple, who have spent most of their lives in Auckland, have been on the water or road for about 15 years.

They have been locked down for two weeks at the Gore A&P Showgrounds.

Mr Rennie said the couple left Auckland in a launch in 2006.

“We went right round the whole of New Zealand by sea, ” Mr Rennie said.

“We’ve been boaties for years.”

“We retired early,” Mrs Rennie said.

Seven years later, when Mrs Rennie had knee troubles and found it difficult clambering in and out of the dinghy, they sold the launch and bought a fifth wheel caravan.

“We moved out of the launch, straight into [the caravan] and we’re on our third time around New Zealand,” Mr Rennie said.

The couple had been staying in Tuatapere helping family members.

“We came over here to have a break,” Mrs Rennie said.

“We planned on going back to Tuatapere, but we got locked down.”

While they did own a house, they had never lived in it, and regarded the caravan as their home.

“It’s just the freedom of going wherever we want to go,” Mr Rennie said.

“Home is where we park,” Mrs Rennie said.

They were keen anglers and enjoyed mountain biking on up to grade two trails.

“You need to have hobbies or something to do,” she said.

“You can’t just sit around doing nothing.”

Gore was a good place in which to be locked down.

“When it’s fine we get out on the bikes and we’ve probably ridden up and down every street there is.”

Gore was a “clean town”, they said.

“We do like Gore,” Mr Rennie said.

The only complaint Mr Rennie had was the lack of cycleways or walkways along the Mataura River, he said.

The couple were glad to receive their weekly copy of The Ensign, which they found on their doorstep.

They were impressed because it was the only town where the newspaper was delivered.

“It’s a good service,” Mrs Rennie said.

Once the South moved to Alert Level 2, the couple would hit the road again.