Gore District Library staff members (from left) Penelope Perry, Julie de Villiers and Lorraine Weston-Webb are excited to welcome the public into the temporary library space in Jacob St.

Manager Ms Weston-Webb said the first day was busy.

“From 11am to 4pm we had people carrying piles of books back into the library.”

Children had told her they had counted down the days until the library would open again, she said.

All book collections were set up and computers were installed with Wi-Fi.

“We would ask the people to be patient as we install the self-checkout system and especially because we only have a quarter of the desk [space] we had in the James Cumming building.”

Senior librarian Ms Perry said feedback had been positive.

“We’ve had people comment on the windows and how it makes the space feel more open and people have liked the lower ceiling.”

The library had not been open for long but it was used by a wide range of people, she said.

“We’ve had people use the foyer for reading newspapers and students using the computers to study.”