Please man... Gore Pakeke Lions Club members Graeme Hallewell and Murray Low have been making bricks out of newspaper at the club’s recycling factory earning them selves and Trevor Woodrow who came up with the idea the knickname of the three little pigs. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A new take on the story of The Three Little Pigs is being written at the Gore Pakeke Lions Club recycling factory.

Instead of asking a man for bricks Lions Club members and “little pigs” Murray Low and Graeme Hallewell are making the bricks.

Mr Low said Trevor Woodrow, a former bricklayer, had the idea of making bricks for fuel out of newspaper, given the factory was no longer recycling it.

“There’s no value in paper,” Mr Low said.

“We can’t get rid of it.”

While the pair were in the “R&D” (research and development) stage of the project they were hopeful they were on to a winning product.

“Once they are dry they should burn like a log on the fire.

“Hopefully, we might have enough to get rid of all the paper or take orders.

“It may work, it may not.”

If the venture did not succeed there was no great loss.

“It’s not a business going under.”

The brick-making started off as “a bit of fun” and was keeping the other workers in the factory entertained.

“People are starting to call us the Three Little Pigs,” Mr Low said.

Mr Woodrow found a briquette maker that could be used to mould and press paper into a brick.

“He kindly donated the machine,” Mr Hallewell said.

The men shredded the newspapers and then soaked them overnight.

The next day they scooped the paper into the machine before closing down the handles to squeeze the water out, leaving a papier-mache brick.

“There’s a bit of manual labour,” Mr Low said.Authentic Nike SneakersNike Air Max 270