Liz gets the chop for cancer charity


From Goldilocks to no locks – Liz Lamb (14) of Blue Mountain College took it upon herself to raise money for Canteen.

On Wednesday the whole school came to watch as Tom Butler (14) not only chopped off her four ponytails but proceeded to use the clippers.

Liz said she chose the pupils who had raised the most money at school to be the ones to cut her hair.

“Sadly the other two had exam preparation and were unable to be here, so Tom got to do the lot.”

Liz said Canteen was an organisation that helped people her age who were going through cancer and she thought it was a great cause.

Although she did not know any teens with cancer, she said her cousins had lost their mother to the disease.

“Canteen also helps the children affected by cancer.”

Two of the pony tails were to be donated to be made into wigs.

“I could not donate them all as the other two had been dyed.”

Blue Mountain College raised $402.60 from their mufti day.

So far online, the amount was $1200.50 and more was expected over the next week.

Liz still had to collect the donation buckets around town, but wanted to do it after the shave.

“I wanted them to see I was sincere in my pledge.”

Head shaver Tom said he had crutched sheep before, but never used clippers on a human head.

“I was so nervous, as it was quite the responsibility, but I’m pleased to have been one of the kids to raise the most money.”

Blue Mountain College principal Lindy Cavanagh-Monaghan said she was proud of Liz.

“The thoughtfulness and courage it has taken her to do this off her own bat for an important cause has been done graciously and beautifully,” Mrs Cavanagh-Monaghan said.

Liz’s goal was $3000. Donations can still be made by going to: brandsFragment x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Black/Sport Blue-White