Lockdown learning similar to learning on uni campus

Back home . . . Olivia Christie, of Gore, spends time on the family farm in between studying for her agricultural science degree at Lincoln University. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

When Olivia Christie left Gore earlier this year to begin studying at Lincoln University, she did not expect to be back on the family farm so soon.

The first year agricultural science student will spend the rest of the semester learning online.

“When they made the announcement I had to choose whether to stay or go back,” Miss Christie said.

“I had two days to get there.

“It was pretty chaotic.”

The first university term finished a week early, she said.

However, the semester length would remain the same because term 2 would be a week longer.

Learning in lockdown was similar to learning on campus.

“The lectures are all online.

“All the lectures are recorded anyway in case anyone on the course misses one.

“The lecturers are all pretty good.

“We also have live chats on Zoom to go over things.

“The bigger ones have over 100 students attending.”

Classes that were laboratory-based were more of a challenge, Miss Christie said.

“I don’t have a cupboard of chemicals at home.”

Some courses were overcoming this by changing what the students were required to do.

“Instead of going to a lab, they’ll set [us] an essay.”

Some courses were changing assessments so that there would be no exams at the end of the semester, she said.

“We’re playing it by ear for now.

“I’m adapting to it.”

The most challenging part of her situation was keeping to a schedule.

“You have to have a plan. I try to keep the same timetable as at uni.”

She had made a good choice in coming back to Gore for the lockdown period, she said.

“It’s good to see my family again.”Nike air jordan SneakersNIKE