Long locks go but others will benefit


After five years and only two trims, Alecea Gardyne’s hair stretched down below her waist, so she decided to have it cut and sent her long locks to be made into wigs.
The 5-year-old West Gore School pupil sent her hair to Freedom Wigs in Dunedin.
When asked why she wanted to cut her hair short, she said she did not want long hair any more.
Alecea’s mother, Chloe Dowling, suggested her daughter send the tresses to the wig-maker.
“I thought that was a lot of hair to throw away,” Ms Dowling said. Alecea had 35.56cm of hair cut off last month. “She never ever had a haircut before – she only had two tiny trims,” Ms Dowling said. Alecea liked her new style. “I like how short it is.”  And she is pleased she will not have any more tangles in her hair.
However, Alecea is planning to grow her hair long again and send it to the wig-maker again.
Freedom Wigs co-owner Gary Beattie said the wigs made in Dunedin were bought by people with long-term hair loss resulting from conditions such as alopecia.
The company had clients throughout New Zealand and had agents overseas, Mr Beattie said.
The company only used human hair. “It has to be a specific criteria.”
The hair was evaluated on criteria such as colour, length, texture and weight, he said.short url linkNike