Lucky . . . in 1969 Robert Herron won a coin toss to buy his 1928 Model A Ford. PHOTO: FIONA ELLIS


More than 20 years since he last drove his 1928 Model A Ford, Robert Herron is “thrilled” to be taking the car for a spin again.

The Mosgiel man, who used to live in Gore, returned to see the car after it had been restored by son Paul Herron.

“Paul’s done a marvellous job of it. It’s lovely to see it finished.”

He had fond memories of the car, which he bought in 1969 and drove for many years.

“My business partner and I, we both fell in love with that car.”

They decided a coin toss would decide who bought it.

“I won the toss.

The car was not in good condition at the time, and he spent the next three years working on it.

“I’m not a mechanic and I learned a lot just rebuilding it.

“I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.”

One learning experience was especially memorable.

“I put the crown wheel and pinion in back-to-front”

This meant he had three reverse gears and just one forward gear instead of the other way around.

He enjoyed driving the car in rallies, he said.

“The first rally I did was a rally to Riverton, and then after that we went to an international rally in Nelson.”

In the years that followed it was taken to many rallies, including one in Australia.

The vehicle was last registered in 1997.

Paul Herron said he took it off his father’s hands in the late 1990s when he no longer had the space to store it.

Several years ago he embarked on the lengthy task of making it road-ready again.

“Everything had to be restored basically. I pretty much went back to a bare chassis and rebuilt it again,” he said.

It was the vehicle that sparked his interest in vintage cars, he said.

“It’s a bit of nostalgia for me because I grew up with this car and was around it all the time.”