Making creative stand for a cause


It’s a piece of furniture that is going in someone’s bedroom or bathroom, so it has to look nice. Gore Woodworkers Club members are using their talents to make a stand to help others.

This month members are vying to see who can make the best wigstand, which is July’s competition item.

The wigstands would be given to the Look Good Feel Better charity (LGFB), which supports people with cancer.

Committee member Jim McKelvie said he approached LGFB co-ordinator Shelley Coutts in Invercargill and found that no-one was making wigstands in the south.

“I thought, why don’t we have a go?

“It’s something woodworkers can do to help the community,” Mr McKelvie said.

Making the wigstands also benefited club members.

“It encourages you to have a go.

“I’ve learned a hellova lot by just having a go, like I’ve got a cupboard full of all different stuff here and it’s all because of the competition.”

The wigstands needed to be completed according to guidelines, but members could ecorate the wigstands if they wished.

“It’s a piece of furniture that is going in someone’s bedroom or bathroom, so it has to look nice.”

Mr McKelvie used recycled timber to make the wigstands, which were turned on a lathe.

“We’re always on the lookout for recycled timber.”

Matai was his favourite wood to use.

“The colour comes up really nice.”

There were three pieces to each stand, which were friction polished before being glued together.

“I make them in batches.

“I hope to make about 20 for the month,” Mr McKelvie said.

Members would choose the competition winner at their July meeting.

Mrs Coutts said she helped people with hair loss find a wig and gave them a wigstand.

“A lot of people appreciate it.

“The stand helps keep their wig nice,” she said.Sports brandsシューズ