Meals on Wheels seeks volunteers

Driving a good cause . . . Gore Meals on Wheels co-ordinator Greta Miller is recruiting volunteers to fill-in over the summer holidays. PHOTO: MICHAEL CURREEN

As the festive season gets under way, Meals on Wheels starts looking for volunteers to deliver food to those who need it.

Co-ordinator Greta Miller said there was always a need for help during this time of year.

Idea Services staff and various volunteer groups ran Meals on Wheels year-round, but “have a well-deserved break over Christmas”.

However, people still relied on the service over the holiday period, Ms Miller said.

“These are people who can’t get out.”

They were unable to cook for themselves or could not get to the shops for groceries.

“Sometimes people go on to Meals on Wheels if they’ve had surgery, just for a few weeks when they come home during rehabilitation.”

To have somebody deliver them hot meals made a big difference, she said.

The service also had a social element to it.

“It’s not just the meals, because sometimes we’re the only “hello” they have all day. Some people don’t have other visitors really.

“I love it. You get to know the people a wee bit.”

Ms Miller was confident people would volunteer.

“Gore’s a great place with great people. People are very willing to help.”

Those interested can contact Ms Miller on (03) 207-2780.