Melanoma focus of ‘spotty’ day


Mataura School pupils put on spotty accessories on Friday to raise awareness about melanoma.

Principal Susan Dennison said pupils wore their school uniform with the addition of spotty accessories, including socks, headbands and hair ties.

“It’s a bit of a novelty,” Mrs Dennison said.

Teachers talked to their classes about melanoma and how they could be sun smart.

“We want to raise awareness with the students.”

She wanted the children to learn about melanoma in a way they would remember.

“They will remember it as the day they got to dress up.”

Mataura School was a sun-smart school, she said.

“Last week the kids all got sunscreen and we make sure they put sunscreen and sun hats on before going outside.”

The pupils also learnt about moles, Mrs Dennison said.

“We had one class that were a bit grossed out by pictures but they will remember it.”

They learned to look at their moles and if they changed shape or colour, then they needed to see a doctor, she said.

The idea of the day was not to raise money but to teach the children how to be safe.

“We want to promote healthy living.”

There were some staff at Mataura School who had been affected by melanoma, Mrs Dennison Running shoesKopačky na fotbal