Centenarian plus...Ribbonwood Country Home resident Aldyth Kerr celebrates her 101st birthday at the rest-home last Wednesday, 10 days before Christmas. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Her mother’s plum pudding is one of Aldyth Kerr’s Christmas memories.

The Ribbonwood Country Home resident celebrated her 101st birthday last week.

Her mother, Emily McCrostie, of Invercargill, used to steam the Christmas pudding in a cloth bag, Mrs Kerr said.

She would put sixpences into the mixture.

“You were lucky if you got a sixpence.

“Every time you had a piece of pudding you looked for a sixpence.”

Mrs Kerr grew up in Invercargill but moved to Conical Hill, near Tapanui, to take up a teaching position.

She met Colin Kerr while boarding with his parents and married him in 1948.

Once her birthday was over, she then counted the days down to Christmas.