Community safety . . . Constable's Lachie McKeogh and Analupe Halaleva and Gore police will be out and about in the community to ensure people are adhering to the Alert Level 2 rules in place. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Abiding by Ministry of Health guide lines is paramount in ensuring safety as the community moves through Alert Level 2, Gore’s top police officer says.

Senior Sergeant Cynthia Fairley said sticking to groups of 10 or fewer was important, as the clusters of Covid-19 came from big events.

“From all the information from the Ministry of Health and from the clusters that had eventuated, the spread was through these social gatherings, and we can see how far and wide the impact was of those who attended and then went back home and spread [the coronavirus] with others,” Snr Sgt Fairley said.

“It’s important we hold the line and stick to the rules .. be as safe as we can and keep up with the safe practices.

“We still have a long way to go to ensure we do not get second or third waves of the virus.”

Weddings, religious ceremonies, funerals and tangihangas were an exception and could have a maximum of 50 people attending.

Businesses, schools and community facilities reopened last week, and tracing systems were introduced at some establishments for safety reasons.

People were also encouraged to keep note of where they had been for the same reason, she said.

“All businesses will have registers, and please abide by this by providing your details.

“There are rules regarding privacy so the only intention for recording these details are for contact tracing.

“[There are] quick response codes on business premises which can be downloaded on to iPhone cameras which can also track where you have been.

“Be kind to the staff as they are just following the guidance and rules from government.”

There would be high police visibility near schools for reassurance, she said.

Bars would reopen tomorrow and police would be checking on licensed premises.

Good hygiene practices, 2m of distancing in public, and 1m of distancing in other environments would continue to be encouraged, she said.

“If you are sick, stay home and don’t socialise.

“If you have symptoms contact your doctor or Healthline.”

Foot patrols and alcohol checkpoints would be set up coming into duck-shooting opening weekend as well.affiliate tracking urlNike