Miss Hokonui calendar popular


The 2018 Miss Hokonui calendar has left people wanting more, organiser Colleen Te Au says.

Each year the charity behind the calendar has held a Miss Hokonui show, the all-male competitors vying for the crown, but last year it was replaced with a calendar.

The calendars, sales of which raise money for various community organisations, were released at the end of December.

Each month featured a photo of a different rugby player from Gore and surrounding areas dressed as a woman, Miss Te Au said.

The rugby players involved included well-known faces such as Southland Stags captain Brayden Mitchell.

The public response had been positive so far, Miss Te Au said.

“A lot of people are like ‘when’s the show?’ They are really just wanting another show and we are thinking we might have to give the people what they want and start organising a show.

“But we’re just at the preliminary stages right now.

“You never know what we could do. We could do a burlesque and bring real drag queens down from Auckland or something.”

Regardless of the content of the show, the Miss Hokonui showcase would be “all about the drag”, Miss Te Au said.

For now, however, people were happy with the calendars.

“We were late to the printer, which wasn’t good, but people are responding really well. We’ve sold around 300 calendars now. There are still plenty more to be sold if people want them.

“It’s such a beautiful calendar as well.”

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