Salvation . . . Miss Sally, seen here with owner Pamela Locke, is becoming quite the popular cat at the Salvation Army headquarters.

Salvation is finding Miss Sally or is Miss Sally finding salvation?

Lovingly called Miss Sally, the 9-month-old feline has purred her way into many hearts at the Gore Salvation Centre.

Miss Sally’s owner and volunteer at the centre, Pamela Locke, said the wayward cat had made herself very much at home at the centre since she was a kitten.

“She was only 7 weeks old when I got her.

“At first I only brought her three days a week. Now she comes every day, and we have a lot of people popping in to see her.

She brought people in the door, Ms Locke said.

“If people are down, Miss Sally seems to know and she goes and spends time with them.

“Cats are very intuitive,” she said.

When not smooching up to the visitors at the centre, Miss Sally took great delight in walking all over the keyboards, climbing the walls, walking on the tables checking everyone out, or just sleeping in a cosy corner, Ms Locke said.

Salvation Army Corps captain John Carpenter said Miss Sally was becoming more popular with the people.

“She really does rule the roost, and, like all cats, she’s the boss.” Mr Carpenter said.Best Authentic SneakersOfficial Look at the Air Jordan 1 Zoom Comfort “PSG”