More owners abandon impounded dogs


An increasing number of impounded dogs in the Gore district are not being claimed by their owners.
Gore District Council chief executive Steve Parry noted the trend in a report to the regulatory and planning committee tabled for its Tuesday meeting.
‘‘The council is finding that more dogs are not being claimed by their owners after being impounded,’’ Mr Parry said in the report.
‘‘This appears to be due to the cost of registering/ microchipping the dogs and the cost of impounding fees which are required to be paid to the council in full before the dogs can be released.’’
Some of the dogs were rehomed if they were of a suitable temperament, usually through Furever Homes in Invercargill, otherwise they were put down, he said.
After the meeting, Mr Parry said the total number of dogs impounded in the 2015-16 year was 185. Of that number, 37 dogs were not claimed by their owners, 22 were re-homed and 15 put down.
Meanwhile, during the year a total of 54 infringement notices were issued, he said.
Council representatives visited owners in the area reminding them to register dogs before the due date. Unfortunately dog owners did not always comply, forcing the council to issue infringement notices for non-registration, he said.latest Running SneakersWoman Shoes