Lights on . . . Hokonui Honda technician Stephan Gouedard checks the headlight beam for a Warrant of Fitness inspection. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Time is running out for anyone whose car warrant of fitness was temporarily extended due to Covid-19.

In April, Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced a temporary extension to the validity of driver licences, endorsements, warrants of fitness (Wof), certificates of fitness and other certification documents during the lockdown period.

The extension period ends on October 10.

A Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) spokesman said of the 620,000 remaining vehicles with temporary Wof extensions, about 31,000 were based in Southland.

This figure also included vehicles on exemption and about 7500 caravans or trailers.

The agency continued to encourage anyone with an extended Wof or a Wof due to expire to get in early and renew now.

Hokonui Honda manager Colin Bristow said he was not sure how many of the business’s clients did not have warrants for their vehicles because reminders were usually sent out by the national body.

“All the computer work is done in Auckland,” Mr Bristow said.

During lockdown the reminders were not sent out because no-one was at work.

“We’re desperately trying to catch up with what there is but the problem is we don’t know.”

He was not sure if there would be a rush of clients in the next few weeks needing a Wof.

“We suspect [there will] be.”

He hoped clients would check their vehicles to make sure they were warranted.

The business usually completed about 75 warrants a month.

Long term, people might run into problems if their car registration ran out while the car had no warrant, as after a year of non-registration a vehicle needed recertifying, he said.

Russell Keeler Automotive owner Russell Keeler said rather than being behind in the number of warrants issued at the workshop, numbers were up.

“We’ve done more warrants this time than what we did last year,” Mr Keeler said.

Usually the workshop did about 100 warrants a month but was now averaging between 120 and 130.

The lockdown month of April was very quiet but May made up for it.

“May was a huge month for warrants.

“After lockdown everyone just booked in and we were run off our feet with warrants.”

He could not remember any customers putting off the warrant because of having the time extension.

“Gore people just seem to get them done when they’re needed.”Sport mediaSneakers