‘Mr Bean’ races to victory


Two vehicles built “from scratch” Southland College mowed through the competition at the recent Otago Southland Grass Kart Challenge.

“Me Bean” won first place at the the event at James Hargest College and “Landcruiser” placed second.

Head boy Josh Bennett (17) was part of the team that built and raced Mr Bean and said they had not expected to win against the 14 other teams.

“We test drove it in the school holidays and it was pretty fast,” Josh said.

However they had not raced it against other karts before the competition.

All eight members of the Mr Bean team shared the drive to victory, taking turns behind the wheel.

“It was pretty adrenaline-filled, pretty awesome.”

The vehicle could reach a speed of about 48kmh, he said.

During the final race “there was a bit of pressure” but winning was a good feeling, he said.

It was the culmination of 400 hours of work put in by the Mr Bean team.

“It’s good to see our hard work pay off.”

The Landcruiser team put in the same amount of work.

Pupils started building the karts in May and worked after school and during the holidays, right up to the competition, he said.

The vehicle was christened Mr Bean by the team because it resembled the car driven by the comedy character.

“We built an outer shell that… looked exactly like Mr Bean’s Mini.”

“Everyone recognised it, it was iconic.”

The hardest part of building Mr Bean was bending the metal to the frame, which they did in three different places, he said.

“You have to get both sides exactly the same.”

Although pupils would take Mr Bean out for a few more rides before the end of the year, it was destined for the school’s

However parts of Mr Bean would be reincarnated next year by a new crop of racing enthusiasts.

“They get stripped down and the motors and the tyres get reused for the next year.”Nike shoesThe world is yours – Neue Sneaker, Apparel und mehr für Kids