Music queen for another year

Keeping the crown... last year's Gore Country Music Queen Melissa Wishart will not be able to pass on her crown this year. PHOTO:FIONA ELLIS

The queen will not step down from her throne for another year.

Melissa Wishart is the reigning winner of last year’s Gore Country Music Queen event.

She was looking forward to passing the positive experience on to the next queen at a gala night on May 24.

The event will no longer be held.

It is cancelled as part of the wider cancellation of the Tussock Country Music Festival.

“It is unfortunate,” Wishart said.

“I was looking forward to guiding new entrants through the event.”

The winner would have been “the face of Tussock Country,” she said.

Wishart supported the cancellation of the event in light of the Government’s advice not to hold events with mass gatherings of people.

“It is important to avoid public events.

“It’s a good call, especially because they made it before it’s too late.”

It would have been more disappointing to cancel the event closer to the date when everyone had already made arrangements for it, she said.

She was looking forward to handing the crown on at next year’s event.

“I 100% recommend it,” she said.

“It’s a great chance to be more involved with the community.”

As queen, she travelled to the Tamworth Golden Guitar Awards on an all-expenses-paid trip in January.

“Everybody was so nice and very proud of their town.

“It was like Gore.”

She became friends with the Tamworth country music queen, played bowls with the mayor and took part in a parade, she said.

“I was treated like royalty,” she said.Nike footwear実は結構ヤバい!恋愛依存症の女性の特徴5選