Out of the bubble . . . West Gore School assistant principal Rebekah Prattley holds a painting she completed during lockdown. She is using it to inspire creativity in pupils as they think about the design of a lockdown mural for a corridor at the school. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

An opportunity to enhance her leadership skills has prompted Rebekah Prattley to take up a position as West Gore’s School assistant principal.

The former Tuturau School principal started her new position on Monday.

Ms Prattley said in the new position she was part of a team.

“I see this position as being one where I can grow my leadership in a bigger team and in a bigger school.

“There’s three of us who are collaboratively leading the school whereas when I was principal there was just me, the jack of all trades,” she said.

“It’s nice to be part of a team where you can discuss things.”

While at Tuturau she taught two days a week but now was teaching four days a week in the years 4 to 6 gifted and talented class.

There had been many highlights of the nearly five and a-half years she spent at Tuturau.

Overall the highlight had been using “my creativity to motivate and engage both staff and children”.

One example of this was the Matariki Maori new year celebration.

“We had a Matariki night which was out on the field in darkness, with fire pits and marshmallows and doing the haka in the dark, and those sorts of things people will remember.

“We’ve created memorable learning experiences for children.”

One of her “proudest achievements” was the attitude towards learning that she had helped instil in the pupils.

“There’s a school out there where there’s kids who know who they are.

“They are confident in themselves.”

Focusing on key competencies including self management and problem solving rather than solely focusing on teaching curriculum content and assessing according to national standards had helped achieve this.

“If you go into the world in this day and age if you can’t get on with people, resolve your own problems . think for yourself, manage your time, it doesn’t matter if you know how to do fractions.

“The world that we are preparing kids for is one where those key competencies, if you’re set up with those, you can learn anything, you can do anything, be part of a team.”Running Sneakers Storenike fashion