New challenge for Gore woman


Gore woman Tara Maxwell’s quest to grow personally and professionally received a welcome boost recently when she won an $8000 Women and Leadership New Zealand scholarship.

She will put the scholarship towards the course fees of a four-year Masters of Leadership degree at Monash University, in Australia.

Mrs Maxwell said part of her life philosophy was to keep learning.

“I like learning.

“I don’t think we should ever stop learning.

“Whatever age we, are we should continue with our personal growth and development,” she said.

It could be risky taking on a new challenge.

“We have to have a bit of ‘I can’.

“If we don’t try, we don’t know.

“If we don’t extend ourselves to be the best us we can be, well then, I guess, we just never know.”

Mrs Maxwell was not completing the course for her curriculum vitae or future job prospects.

“It’s literally for the excitement of personal development and growth.”

She was looking forward to mixing with women who had achieved in their areas of expertise.

“By surrounding ourselves with other inspirational people it makes us look at ourselves and want to be better.”

Often the business world was dominated by men but there were opportunities for women to flourish and contribute, too.

“Women don’t want to be men – they want to be the best women they can be.”

In her role as First National Real Estate owner in Gore, one of Mrs Maxwell’s tasks is to train real estate agents, and she said the leadership course would give her further skills.

“Leadership for me means enabling other people to be successful in their business career.

“[The course] will develop my skills because a lot of the stuff they do makes you learn about yourself as a leader.”Running sport mediaNIKE HOMME