All set . . . Southland Shafts and Wheels Society members Joyce MacLeod and husband Neil Mac Leod are pleased with the new concrete floor in the club shed at the Gore A&P Showgrounds. PHOTO: FIONA ELLIS

A concrete floor has been installed in the Southland Shafts and Wheels Society shed more than four decades after the shed was built.

Finished last month, the $20,000 upgrade replaced the dirt floor which served the shed since it was built in the late 1970s at Gore’s A&P Showgrounds.

Club member Joyce MacLeod said the new floor was a welcome change.

“We are very pleased with the outcome,” she said.

She helped to oversee fundraising efforts for the project, such as sales of firewood and chaff.

Grants from community organisations also helped to make up the sum.

“We are very grateful to Southland Regional Heritage Committee and the Mataura Licensing Trust.”

The former contributed $5000 and the latter $2500 to the project.

The shed housed about 40 carriages and horse-drawn implements.

These were sometimes used at funerals and weddings, and a dirt floor presented problems, especially in bad weather.

“The vehicles will be kept much cleaner dirt floor you couldn’t keep them clean.”

The old floor had also been in dubious condition, and rats had burrowed in.

The society had wanted the upgrade for a long time and planning for it began before last year’s Covid-19 lockdown.

Horse-shoes had been set into the concrete by the door as a special finishing touch.