New job result of ‘brain challenge’

Going rural... Knapdale School has a new principal, Hayley Mitcheson.PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

Knapdale School has a new principal.

Hayley Mitcheson started teaching in 2010 after working in hospitality in Invercargill.

She said she had wanted to be a teacher since she was 9.

“I really enjoy working with students and helping them out. I grew up a lot around young children so I suppose that’s where that came from.”

Mrs Mitcheson did her training in Invercargill at the Dunedin College of Education’s southern campus.

As well as handling the role of principal at Knapdale, Mrs Mitcheson teaches the year 4 to 8 class.

She was previously Longford Intermediate assistant principal and said after being there for seven or eight years it was time for a change.

“I needed to do it for me, I needed a bit of a brain challenge and a bit of a next step and when this job came up it was like, I’ll apply and see how I go.”

Mrs Mitcheson’s favourite thing at school when she was younger was reading and she said even now she was an avid reader.

“Now I really love maths which is quite unusual for some people and I love teaching maths because I think maths is quite an easy thing for kids to understand so that’s my favourite aspect,” she said.

Outside of school Mrs Mitcheson likes to spend time with friends and family who live close by in Invercargill.

Her husband had a motorbike, so they also liked to ride.

“I quite like my own space so it’s quite nice to get away from people sometimes. It’s quite nice just to sit and read or watch TV.”

Mrs Mitcheson said it had been nice getting to know the small Knapdale community as she had not worked at a rural school before.

“It’s a really nice vibe coming to work here as well and I’ve been really lucky to have the staff that were already here before I came .. they have made my transition a bit easier.”trace affiliate linknike fashion