New river fence passes muster

Mataura resident Jenny Soper by the newly constructed fence. PHOTO : SANDY EGGLESTON

Mataura resident Jenny Soper is pleased a new fence has been built at the top of the Mataura River bank in the town’s River St.

Earlier this year Mrs Soper approached Ensign concerned about the broken-down state of the former temporary fence, which had been put up after February 2020’s flooding.

She was worried a child might fall down the river bank where the river had eroded under the fence.

“The fence is by far more substantial than that of the previous one, which was dangerous to say the least,” Mrs Soper said.

“The construction of the fence line now is stronger and safer.”

While the river bank is under the jurisdiction of Environment Southland, the Gore District Council has built the new fence.

Council parks and recreation manager Keith McRobie said council contractors had reshaped the top of the bank back to a stable point and built the 100m fence.

“We [have a] duty of care to our ratepayers and residents and at this site the do-nothing option was not tenable.”