Gore residents will face new rules for water restrictions.

On Monday, the Gore District Council emergency committee passed a set of new restrictions for commercial, industrial and residential water users.

The committee meeting was called to ensure the changes are in place, should they be needed, before the first council meeting for this year, scheduled for February 12.

The committee, consisting of Crs Cliff Bolger, Peter Grant and Neville Phillips, voted to change the proposed amendments to the water bylaw 2015.

Regulatory and planning general manager Dr Ian Davidson-Watts said the changes would ensure ratepayers received water when and where they needed it.

“These changes can be used winter and summer – it is not just about droughts.”

Water levels were good at present, he said.

“We are not expecting any restrictions short-term, but need to be mindful of ‘what-ifs’ and have a contingency plan in place.”

The previous restrictions were in three stages.

The new five-stage approach involves graduated steps and applies first to activities that impact little on lifestyle and needs.

Stage 1 allows watering of home gardens supplying food to the household, and the use of small paddling pools, subject to conditions.

The highest level, stage 5, severely restricts water use, limiting it to essential use for health and safety purposes and emergencies.

The council is not considering imposing any water restrictions at the moment.

The changes followed public consultation last year, when information was delivered to all Gore and Mataura residents.Best Nike Sneakersツーブロック × アシメ 【最新メンズヘアカタログ】 , メンズファッションメディア