Stopped ...Ninety-year-old Bob Henderson, of Wendon Valley, says he has stopped working on the farm but still looks over the fence. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

The Ensign continues its series talking to the region’s older residents about their memorable moments during their lives. This week reporter Jenny Dillner caught up with 90-year-old Bob Henderson on his property in Wendon Valley.

How many 90-year-olds can say they celebrated their milestone birthday over 24 hours?

Bob Henderson, of Wendon Valley, can put his hand up.

Surrounded by friends and family, he began his 24-hour party at 2pm on July 30 and finished 2pm the next day.

During that period, people “came in waves” was how Mr Henderson described it.

“I did have a wee nap for four hours from 6-10am, until the next guest arrived.

After leaving a tent in the early hours, guests played cards in the house until the sun came up.

Having lived on the farm for his entire life, he had no intention of leaving, Mr Henderson said.

“I have not actively worked on the farm for the past year.

“I am not retired, I have stopped, but still looking over the fence.”

One of his daily chores is to feed the dogs, and he and his daughter Virginia love spending time in the rose and vegetable gardens.

Originally, the land was bought by his grandfather.

Now his son Roly is running the farm, the fourth generation on the 437 hectare sheep farm.

As a lad Mr Henderson and his brother doubled on their pony to and from school, he said.

“My brother was five years older than me and when he left school I rode the 4km on my own, until leaving school at 13 years old to work on the farm.”

At that time there was one tractor on the farm, but most of the work was still done on horseback.

“A lot of the work done was to sow the oats to feed the horses,” he said.

He married Greenvale lass Rosemary, nee Duncan, in 1955 and the Hendersons had five children. Mrs Henderson died 11 years ago.

Mr Henderson, now in his latter years, plays bridge three times a week.

Looking back on living on the same farm all his life and what he had achieved, he was happy with his life.

“If I had to live it over again there is nothing I would want to change,” Mr Henderson said.

“I might have missed out on a few things staying here, but I’m happy. I feel better than I have for a long time.”Nike Sneakers StoreReebok Question Mid Yellow Toe Alternates FX4278 Release Date