Nurses’ group back

New op portunity...Christian Nurses Fellowship Gore representative Maree Turnbull and health care assistant Amelia Shand discuss plans to hold the group’s meeting and a free dinner at the Sal vation Army Corps on Friday night. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The call is going out to nurses, former nurses, student nurses and caregivers who would like to be part of Christian Nurses Fellowship.

The group, which has been in recess, is starting up again in Gore and will be co-ordinated by Maree Turnbull.

Mrs Turnbull said when she started nursing in the 1980s the group met twice a week, but during the 1990s interest dwindled.

However, in these uncertain and stressful times getting together with like-minded people could be helpful, she said.

“We meet over a meal to encourage and support one another.”

There might be many people who were no longer nursing who might want to be part of the group, she said.

For many nurses, their Christian faith was an important aspect of caring for others, along the lines of the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, she said.

The group’s first meeting, a free dinner, would be held at the Gore Salvation Army Corps on Friday. There had been good interest in the group, about 20 people having registered already.

It was hoped the group would meet four times a year.

Anyone wanting to attend the dinner should book in on the website by tomorrow.