On their bikes for Plunket


Plunket and The Warehouse teamed up to raise money for Plunket by taking part in a countrywide relay.

Riders arrived from Balclutha at The Warehouse in Gore on Monday night.

Plunket Southland injury prevention programmes manager Kathryn Impelmanssaid the money would be used for Plunket programmes not funded by the Government, including playgroup and the Injury Prevention programme.

“It is so every child in New Zealand can receive the same services,” she said.

Ten riders from Gore plus a couple of extras who decided to use the relay as a training ride got on their bikes to ride about 35km from Gore to Tapanui on Monday.

People turned up at The Warehouse to cheer on the riders.

There was also a barbecue and a win-a-bike competition.

Gore riders began their leg of the relay about 5pm on Monday.

Gore Warehouse store manager Dylan Rigby said the ride from Gore to Tapanui went really well and everyone arrived safely.

“It was fantastic,” Mr Rigby said.

“There are some pretty steep hills from here to Tapanui but everyone arrived in good spirits.”

All motorists encountered on State Highway 90 were very courteous, he said.

“The Plunket ladies in the van were very impressed with how courteous drivers were. It can be frustrating when drivers come across a group of cyclists.”

Pedal for Plunket has raised $334,000 so far, up on the $297,000 raised last year.

The Warehouse in Gore has raised $2259.

Mr Rigby thanked the Gore community for its support.

“It’s great to be in a community where people see the value in a course like this. Just about everyone in New Zealand has been involved with Plunket at some point in their lives whether they remember it or not.”

The campaign will end when riders get to Bluff.

Money can be donated through the Pedal for Plunket website or at The Warehouse.Mysneakers『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧