Red pony... Waipahi man Tony Daikee admires a 2005 Ford Mustang GT owned by Sue Turnbull of Gore which was one of the cars on display at his 70th birthday party at the Gore A & P Showgrounds on Sunday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Usually when Tony Daikee is steering a pony it has four legs and pulls a cart the pony had four wheels.

The Southland Shafts and Wheels Society member was surprised with a ride in a Ford Mustang, also known as a pony, for his 70th birthday.

Mustang car owners, friends and society members gathered at the Gore A&P Showgrounds to celebrate Mr Daikees’s birthday.

Society member Blair Lennon, of Gore, also took people for rides in a covered wagon drawn by Clydesdales.

Mr Daikee said he had always admired Mustangs from his school days when his next-door neighbour owned one.

“He used to back it out of the drive every morning and it was a beautiful yellow one,” Mr Daikee said. “He would squeal the tyres with a wee zip as he drove away.”

Ever since, Mr Daikee has noticed whenever a Mustang drove past.

“It’s something I’ve been keen on over any other car.”

He had never wanted to own one and was happy just to look at them from a distance.

“It would probably be wasted in my garage horse and cart.”

His partner, Christine Baird, put a message on the internet to Mustang owners inviting them to attend Mr Daikee’s birthday party and four Mustang owners turned up.

He was “a bit overwhelmed” with the opportunity to ride in the Mustang.

Afterwards he said it was an “awesome ride”.

“They really get off the mark when you light them up, 600 horse power of pure beauty.”

Sue Turnbull, of Gore, was at the gathering. She has owned a 2005 Mustang for six years.

“It was my 50th birthday present to myself,” Ms Turnbull said.

“Other people go away on overseas holidays. I bought a car.”

Her partner once drove the car around Teretonga Park raceway and clocked 386kmh.

Once she became used to driving the left-hand-drive car she preferred it to right-hand-drive.

“To me you’re more aware of where you are.

“You actually pay more attention to the road.”Sports NewsNike