Organiser ‘stoked’ with youth activity programme

Sweet treat . . . Children at the Mataura Youth Activities Programme enjoying cake with leaders. PHOTO: MICHAEL CURREEN

Keeping a child entertained and fed during the summer holidays is easier than you might think.

The first Mataura Youth Activities Programme wrapped up on Friday and co-ordinator Emma Wilson is calling it a big success.

“I’m really stoked with how it went.

“We had 77 kids through the door which is pretty amazing.”

It had run every weekday afternoon since January 10 and cost a gold coin to take part.

For many of the children it was just a good place for them to hang out together, Ms Wilson said.

“It’s very cool to be able to use The Bunker because it’s a great facility.

“[The Mataura Youth Trust] were super supportive and gave volunteers and were just really happy their facility was being used.”

There was a trampoline, arcade machines, toys and music for the children to enjoy, as well as activities such as crafts and baking.

“We did a range of different things. We tried to do a different activity each day.

“I’d definitely say the trip out to Camp Columba was a highlight.”

It was also an opportunity for the children to get creative and explore their potential, she said.

One child stood out during a drumming activity for example.

“She’s definitely got talent. It’d be cool to get her into lessons.”

The programme also provided great social benefits.

“Kids were forming relationships with each other but also we had a few of the leaders that were high school age and the kids absolutely loved them because they were hanging out with them,” Ms Wilson said.

“Kids that came back time after time, like you just got to know them a lot better.”

The programme had received “positive feedback from both parents and kids”.

“If everything fell into place and there was funding there, I’d definitely be more than keen to do it again.”