Pair offer baby sitting for Christmas shoppers

Put their heads together .. Over a cup of coffee St James Theatre theatre manager Paul McPhail and general manager of The Thomas Green Roz Taylor came up with the idea of babysitting children while their parents do their Christmas shopping in peace. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Imagine three hours child-free while you shop.

Tomorrow is the late shopping night in Gore, with loads of specials and great deals.

GoRetail committee members Roz Taylor, general manager of The Thomas Green, and Paul McPhail, manager of St James Theatre, have come up with the perfect solution to make Christmas shopping a breeze.

Ms Taylor said she and Mr McPhail wanted to think of innovative ways to bring people into Gore.

“By offering a babysitting service .. we are encouraging people to head into town to shop local, supporting locals.

“The icing on the cake is doing it without the children,” Ms Taylor said.

The plan is to have a buffet meal at Thomas Green from 5pm until 6pm, then Ms Taylor and her babysitting crew would walk the children to St James Theatre for a movie and free ice cream.

Mr McPhail said the movie Arctic Justice was an animated movie that the children would love.

“Also, there will be the chance to win a spot prize.

“To date we have had a huge response, and I think Roz and I have started something we can continue with on a regular basis.”

The key was tying two businesses that went hand-in-hand, offering the combination of dinner and a movie at reasonable rates, Mr McPhail said.

“There will be more late-night shopping coming up, and we are keen to see how this one goes,” he said.

The cost of $20 covers the buffet, movie and ice cream.

“During this time, the parents can shop without distractions, or peeping eyes, and even have time to get home, wrap and hide [presents] before picking them up at the theatre,” Ms Taylor said.

The children are to be picked up from the theatre, and Ms Taylor and her helpers will stay until the last of the children have been collected.

To book, private message Ms Taylor on The Thomas Green Facebook page.Nike sneakersNike Air Max 90 W nike elite running clothes