Pair take chill in their stride


Coming from 20degC to minus 2degC has been a chilling experience for Tamworth royalty.

Tamworth Queen of Country Music Alexandra Kellahan, a receptionist, and Princess of Country Music Chey Conlan, a retail manager and mother, took the sub-zero temperatures in their stride when they arrived in Gore for the MLT New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards earlier this week.

“It’s definitely freeze ya bits off [weather] – but it’s totally worth it,” Kellahan said.

She was referring to the Freeze Ya Bits Off Busking Competition held in conjunction with the awards.

She was also involved in judging the busking event, she said.

The pair visited the Gore Hospice Shop and talked to volunteers yesterday morning as well as engaging in a round of events.

This is the first trip to New Zealand for both women.

Both grew up listening to country music and regularly attend the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Kellahan said she grew up listening to the Topp Twins.

“They are very funny ladies.”

The Tamworth festival, held in January, attracted about 50,000 people per day to events, she said.

There were more than 700 artists performing at 120 venues.

“So it’s huge,” she said.

“It’s great for the economy.”trace affiliate linkSneakers Nike