What's new...Blue Sky Meat's Gore Plant is the location for a new small scale pet food processing plant. PHOTO:SUPPLIED

A small-scale pet food-processing operation has the machines at Blue Sky Meat’s Gore plant humming again.

The plant, formerly known as Clover Meats, which predominantly processed beef, plus some horse and deer, closed in 2016.

Blue Sky Meat chief executive Todd Grave said the new project had been operating since January.

“We are taking sheep or ovine offals from our plant here in Morton Mains and further processing them using that facility up in Gore and the outcome is ingredients which will go into pet-food manufacture,” he said.

At present, three people were employed at the plant.

“We foresee it could potentially employ a handful more if and when we build up volume and become comfortable with the process,” Mr Grave said.

“It’s offering a couple of people in Gore a job and it’s giving us a platform to look at potential growth in the future.”

The work to process the pet food was contracted to AG Processing.Authentic Nike Sneakersfree shipping nike yeezy warehouse store locations