From babies to school age ... Lane Sandoval (1) joins other children and their carers at Heriot Playgroup.

Proud to be turning 50, Heriot Playgroup is celebrating half a century of providing a playgroup for the town.

What began in 1969 as a play-centre operating in the old Heriot Rugby Club rooms is still thriving today in the Heriot and Districts Community Centre.

The main change has been the name going from play-centre to playgroup.

Children can be dropped off to a play-centre whereas carers are required to stay at a playgroup.

President Holly Roulston said it was impressive that what they set up in 1969 is still going.

“Many of the wives now married to local men said their husbands remember coming to the playgroup.”

For a small town, it is notable that up to 25 children come along to the weekly session.

“Numbers can change, depending on what is happening in the district and on the farms.

“During calving and lambing we tend to have smaller sessions, as everyone is busy.”

The community day coming up on November 2 is all about everyone having a fun afternoon/evening.

There will be food trucks, a bouncy castle, carnival games, a merry-go-round, an obstacle course, live music, bumper balls, a lolly scramble and loads of prizes.

“At the end of the day it is our way of thanking the community, and giving something back,” Mrs Roulston said.latest RunningNike