Plenty of reasons for not to leave Gore

Seeing the country...American motorhome owners Allan and Jo Storey have been camped at the Gore A & P Showgrounds for the past three months and have made many day trips exploring Southland. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Will Jo and Allan Storey ever leave Gore?

This is the question the couple have been asking themselves as their stay at the Gore A&P Showgrounds extends further into the future.

The couple, who last lived in a house in Palmerston North, have been living in an 10.3m-long American motorhome for the past four years.

The couple said they came to Gore to attend the Tussock Country Music Festival and had been here ever since.

They were going to head north for the winter but because they had all the facilities they needed at the showgrounds, they kept delaying their departure.

“We stay here for a little while longer and a little while longer,” Mrs Storey said.

“What was happening was we were seeing events that were coming up,” Mr Storey said.

Each time an event came up they decided to attend it.

“Are we ever going to leave?” Mrs Storey said.

Before that they had visited Gore twice in October and November last year and in February.

“There’s always something going on,” Mrs Storey said.

“The people are certainly friendly,” Mr Storey said.

They had used the town as a base to explore the rest of Southland.

“It’s quite central to things,” he said.

They had enjoyed the Gore Musical Theatre’s performance of Chicago recently.

When they went on a day trip, Mr Storey, who was a keen photographer, took photographs while Mrs Storey read a book.

Waterfalls were a favourite subject.

“We go somewhere and we go,’Where is the nearest waterfall?’, ” Mrs Storey said.

Usually, they stayed about three or four weeks in one place and tended to plan their trips around events that were happening.

They planned to be in Hokitika in March.

“We’ve booked our tickets for the Wild Foods [festival].

“It gives us a destination, something to aim for,” she said.

“A reason to live,” Mr Storey said.