Surprise visit ... Past pupil Sergeant Lachy Garrick rode the police motobike to Longford Intermediate School as a suprise for the children. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Riding through Gore after being in Invercargill at the Burt Munro Challenge last weekend, Christchurch-based Sergeant Lachy Garrick found himself back at his old stomping ground – Longford Intermediate School.

As Sgt Garrick was riding into Gore on Monday to remove a nail from the back tyre of his motorbike, he was asked if he would detour to the school as a special surprise for pupils.

His visit timed in perfectly with a pre-arranged police visit to the school, as a pupil had won a ride on the police tractor.

Sgt Garrick has been a police officer for 30 years and for the past three years has been the motorbike squad supervisor in Christchurch.

“Imagine my delight when I was asked to go to one of my old schools here in Gore,” he said.

“Memories of my time here came back to me.

“One was of my mum buying me new shoes back in the late 1970s when skateboarding was taking off.

“A month later she found one of the pair falling to bits due to being used as brakes and acceleration. She was not impressed,” Sgt Garrick said.

Another anecdote was him being falsely accused of letting off a stink bomb in the toilets.

“I happened to be coming out of the toilets and the teacher put two and two together and came up with about seven.

“I was punished and strapped and not guilty – that has stayed with me for all those years,” Sgt Garrick said.

All his family had gone to the school.

“My sister, her partner, nephews, the whole family have been pupils here at one time. How cool is that?”Nike footwearReus Canada – The Global Destination For Modern Luxury