`Pork Pie’ premiere popular with audience


Pork Pie premiered at the SBS St James Theatre on Wednesday night.
Those behind the remake of Kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie hoped to have lightning strike twice at theatres throughout New Zealand.
SBS St James Theatre manager Peter Cairns said about 80 people attended the Gore screening and the film proved popular with the audience.
“The screening was very positive. It was a good Kiwi movie with lots of good Kiwi music and comedy to enjoy,” Mr Cairns said
He hoped the film would capture audiences in the district much like other New Zealand films, including last year’s Taika Waititi-directed Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
“I hope it is right up there with other Kiwi films we enjoy,” he said.

The film followed a similar story to the original but with a newer mini, Mr Cairns said.
It included scenes from areas in Eastern Southland.
“Like with Pete’s Dragon last year, anything local piques interest, as viewers see scenes filmed around Wyndham and other places [that are] familiar,” he said.
Pete’s Dragon was filmed in the Tapanui area
The showing on Wednesday was a pre-screening of the film, which is now playing twice a day over the next two weeks.Buy KicksJordan Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%