Examining the plan... Mataura Community Board chairman Allan Taylor (left) and Gore District Council roading manager Peter Standring look at a plan at the intersection of State Highway 1 and State Highway 93 on Mataura's Main St where trucks are being forced to stop on railway tracks. Further information will come to light in May.

Progress is slow but safety improvements are on the way for the intersections of State Highway 1 and State Highway 93 on Mataura’s Main St, Mataura Community Board chairman Alan Taylor says.

Concerns about the intersection were raised last year after vehicles were forced to stop on the railway lines which run parallel with SH1 through the intersection.

A workshop including Mr Taylor, Gore District Council roading manager Peter Standring and New Zealand Transport Association representatives, was held on Tuesday to discuss possible solutions.

Mr Taylor said another survey would be carried out in the town as a result.

“It’s about identifying what will be the best solution for everybody,” Mr Taylor said.

The survey would monitor the area and the intersection.

NZTA carried out a traffic counting survey in December to confirm the number of vehicles longer than 13m which were on the railway line turning right from SH93, in Bridge St, on to SH1.

It installed a traffic counter on the alternative route past Mataura School to record heavy vehicle use on the road.

The information from this survey was still being analysed, Mr Taylor said.

There were also concerns regarding the pedestrian crossing on SH1.

“It raised quite a big discussion at our meeting.

“There are a lot of children who cross there and that’s something that we would like to see addressed, to make it safer for those school children,” Mr Taylor said.

The pedestrian crossing had been a big concern for residents for some time, he said.

More information on both the intersection surveys and pedestrian crossing would be brought to the table at the next meeting in May.Adidas shoesAir Jordan Release Dates 2021 Updated