Streetscape . . . The Gore District Council's Streets Alive project will involve public consultation about how people think the town's streets could be improved.

Gore’s streetscape stands to be improved by the million-dollar Streets Alive project which will soon be launched by the Gore District Council.

The council has received $900,000 of Government funding from the NZ Transport Agency to put towards the project.

The council would also contribute $100,000 towards the project.

Gore Deputy Mayor Bronwyn Reid said the project was a chance to look to the town’s future

“This will be a community-driven project,” Mrs Reid said.

The project would begin towards the end of this month with a public consultation phase.

The council would ask the public for their ideas and opinions on how to improve the streetscape.

This would include community group consultation, a public drop-in session and a survey.

She encouraged people to have their say.

“We want to hear from residents about ways we could make our town more people-friendly.

“We really want the community to . . . be part of the vision.”

This was an opportunity to create the future in the way people had done when the town was first settled, she said.

Horse-and-cart had once been the mode of transport but people looked to the future in building the streets and townscape.

The Streets Alive project aimed to make the town a place with “vibrant” public spaces.

However, safety was also a concern.

The project aimed to improve the streets for older people and people with disabilities.

Streets Alive would be a year-long project.

After the public had their say, changes would be made on a trial basis.

More feedback would be sought before any permanent changes were made.

The funds were given as part of a national push to make New Zealand streetscapes safer and more enjoyable.

Gore was the first small town in New Zealand to receive this funding, she said.

“We’re in a privileged position.

“Watch out for more information over the coming months about how you could get involved.”bridgemedia【2月14日発売予定】 ナイキ SB ダンク ロー バレンタインデー (313170-662) – スニーカーウォーズ