Project Ark team thanked for efforts

Almost there.. Southland regional heritage committee members and Wyndham Historical Society volunteers celebrate the near completion of Project Ark on Thursday afternoon. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The ark has sailed from Wyndham but may return for a brief visit in October.

A Southland regional heritage committee team of Tiffany Jenks, Rosemary Jackson-Hunter, Dani Lucas and Laurence Le Ber and Wyndham Historical Society volunteers have been working on Project Ark the Wyndham Museum collection online 16 months.

A thank-you afternoon tea to recognise the hard work of the team was held on Thursday.

Society president George Taylor said working with the Project Ark team had for the society.

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to our collection.”

More than 4000 objects from the museum’s collection had been digitised and were available online on the eHive website, he said.

“Apparently 9000 views have already been undertaken.”

Other items had been designated reference material and were in storage.

The collection had been packed away while the society looked for a new museum building.

The work was not quite finished and those involved might tidy up some loose ends in October.short url linkMens Nike Sneakers