Proposal to include Queens Park in liquor ban


Extending the coverage of the district’s liquor ban bylaw to include the Queens Park area of Mataura’s Main St was mooted at Gore District Council’s regulatory and planning committee meeting on Tuesday night.

The bylaw is under review and was among agenda items for the committee to discuss.

Cr Neville Phillips suggested the area of Mataura be included in the reviewed bylaw.

“There have been problems in the past. It may eliminate the congregating of young people and eliminate vandalism,” Cr Phillips said.

After the meeting, he said the public toilets at Queens Park had been repeatedly vandalised.

Litter such as broken glass and bottles was frequently left in the area.

The present bylaw only applied to McQueen Ave and Bridge St in Mataura, he said.

The aim would be eliminate vandalism in the Queens Park area as the park was being upgraded.

Travellers often stopped at the park to let children play, he said.

“It’s not a good look.”

Council chief executive Steve Parry said consultation on the proposed changes would take place because it had the potential to affect people’s rights, and also people in Mataura might want to consider if the amended area to be covered by the bylaw was sufficient.

Generally the bylaw had worked well since its inception in 2008, Mr Parry said.

The review found it had been an effective tool, enabling police to manage public nuisances associated with inappropriate and disorderly behaviour, usually as a result of alcohol use, he said.

The bylaw empowers police to seize alcohol from those found to be in breach of the bylaw.

“Without a bylaw the police only have the power to request someone to move on.”

Input from Sergeant Clint Wright, of Gore, was sought as part of the review.

“This is a valuable tool for the police to ensure compliance around the area,” Sgt Wright said.

The bylaw was prompted by public concerns about people congregating and drinking in the central business areas of Gore and Mataura.Sport mediaJordan Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%