(Left)Before the shave... The before shot of St Peter's College pupil Alex Terry, who lost his mullet haircut to raise money for Ronald McDonald House.PHOTOS: ASHLEIGH MARTIN (Middle)Goodbye mullet... A nervous Alex Terry sits still as Chapter 2 Hair hairdresser Karla Graves shaves off his mullet. (Right)Scrubs up well...Year 12 pupil Alex Terry raised more than $760 by losing his hair.

Hair one day, gone the next was the case for St Peter’s College pupil Alex Terry’s mullet, which he had shaved to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House.

Alex (17) raised about $760 for the cause from losing his long hair, which he had been growing for a year and a-half.

The year 12 pupil live-streamed the shave, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, to his Facebook page so people elsewhere could watch the action.

Chapter 2 Hair hairdresser Karla Graves was in charge of shaving off the locks, and Alex said he felt very lightheaded after the shave.

He said it was good to have the support of fellow pupils who came to watch the shave.

“I definitely didn’t expect as many people as that – I only thought a couple would come, but it was a good turnout.”

“It was quite exciting to do something for a good cause; not many people my age do that.”

Alex doubted he would grow his hair long again as he would be “going into tourism” shortly.

“So I have to look somewhat respectable,” he said.

St Peter’s College deputy principal Darren Jack said Ronald McDonald House was a cause the Gore school wanted to support.

“Alex is a young man who has a passion for helping other people and he has set about giving himself a challenge in terms of his hair that has taken him a year and a-half to grow. Whilst doing that he’s been explaining to the student body why he’s doing it and what it’s about,” Mr Jack said.

“We have just supported him as best we could to get to his end goal, shaving his hair off in a way that’s for a great cause, and St Peter’s is proud of him.”bridgemediaNike News