Pupils’ birdfeeders to the rescue in cold snap


Akoranga Preschool pupils made birdfeeders this week – just in time for the cold snap that hit the South.

Akoranga Preschool teacher Alison Doorey said the birdfeeders were made by the pupils as part of the preschool’s Matariki celebrations.

“The children have been learning about the legend in which the seven stars of the Matariki constellation represent a mother and her six daughters travelling across the sky to visit their great-grandmother Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and help her as caretakers of the natural world,” Mrs Doorey said.

Feeling peckish Birds make the most of the tasty morsels on offer at Akoranga Preschool. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

One of these stars, Tupu-a-rangi, was responsible for looking after the animals of the forest, such as birds, Mrs Doorey said.

“As a link to this story, the children have been busy this week creating birdfeeders to make sure the birds have enough food over the cold winter,” she said.

Grub’s up…These birdfeeders made by Akoranga Preschool pupils were a magnet for birds during the recent cold snap.PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“They were so excited to see lots of birds eating from them in the snow.”Nike sneakersAir Max