Versatile creation ... Gore Main School pupils (from left) Claudia Mardon (10), Charlee Hope (9) and Ericka Patterson (10) sit next to a multi-purpose unit they helped create with their class. PHOTO: AMANDA CARRINGTON

Twenty-four pupils at Gore Main School have created a multi-purpose unit out of plastic milk bottles in the Fair Go Kids Ad Awards.

The awards were centered around creating a product out of plastic milk or fizzy drink bottles and making a 30-second video advertisement to demonstrate the use of the product.

Gore Main School teacher Tamie Fiveash said the multi-purpose unit could be used for several activities in the classroom, such as a reading corner.

It could also be used for hanging dog leashes, holding paintbrushes, as a chicken pen and to house plants.

Mrs Fiveash said the first idea was to create a glasshouse but it was thought to be too obvious and that other schools would do the same.

“Hence [this is] why we’ve created something we haven’t seen,” Mrs Fiveash said.

The class then created their advertisement, which is what they are being judged on.

David Lormans, of Gore, helped the pupils create the video, which was sent in on the last day of term.

“The kids really enjoyed it,” Mrs Fiveash said.

Each pupil in room 7 had their own speaking part in the video.

The plastic milk bottles had been stacked on top of each other and put against three wooden pallets. The pallets had been joined together by hinges so the unit could open and close.

It took the school five weeks to collect the bottles.

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