Pupils get in behind to fund sports trip


Blue Mountain College pupils tailed 72,000 lambs last year while fundraising for 51 pupils to head to Australia, and they plan to do it all again.

Tour secretary Sarah Davies said the pupils would go to Australia for a sporting exchange in the July school holidays next year.

“It’s a sporting cultural trip. The pupils will be playing rugby, netball and volleyball while they are over there.”

She said the pupils made up four tailing gangs, who tailed in West Otago to raise money.

“Fundraising has been really crazy. Tailing last year, we tailed 72,00 lambs. Our gangs did a lot of the tailing in West Otago so we are doing it again,” she said.

The total cost of the trip was about $4000 per pupil, Mrs Davies said.

So far the pupils had raised funds by tailing, catering, running a trail ride in conjunction with West Otago Motorcycle Club and holding an “X Factor” competition and a cooking show.

“We had Bevan Smith, from Riverstone Kitchen in Oamaru. We sold 190 tickets and made $7000. The proceeds of that is going towards the students’ uniforms.”

The pupils would have contact with an Australian school while they were there, she said.

“They are billeted out. They don’t go to school, but they do meet with another school,” she said. “They will compete against each other too.”

The school sent pupils overseas every three years and the pupils voted on their destination.

“The last three trips have been to Australia. It used to be just rugby, but it has recently been changed to more sports.”

Mrs Davies said past tours had travelled to the United Kingdom and South Africa.

“They had a South African teacher that year who jacked that up.”

As well as playing sports, the pupils would attend theme parks and have surfing lessons.Nike air jordan Sneakersnike