Pupils meet play’s challenges

Taxing job... King John sits on the throne surrounded by his henchmen in Pukarau schoolÂ’s play. PHOTO: FIONA ELLIS

Watching Robin Hood and his merry men fight on stage in the Calvin Community Church auditorium, the audience knew it was all an act the sheriff and his cronies did not.

Pukarau School performed Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies last Wednesday .

Principal Lisa Parish said the play was Robin Hood with a modern twist.

“The merry men start off as a performing troop,” Mrs Parish said.

“They’re hired by the Sherwood villagers to trick the king’s men into thinking they’re an army.

“It’s very funny- there are lots of one-liners.”

The performance was the result of a lot of people’s hard work, she said.

“It really is a mass team effort.”

Teachers and parents painted the backdrops for the show and made props such as LED-powered “camp fires”.

Pupils also rose to the challenge of staging a play.

“Some are remembering 70-plus lines at age 10 or 11 which is amazing.

“The whole school is involved. I’m very impressed at how well they’ve gone.”

The Sheriff of Nottingham was played by Cory Holland, who had fun as the wicked tax collector.

“You get to demand people for their money,” Cory said.

Max McGregor played Robin and said he enjoyed acting and wielding his bow.affiliate tracking urlNike News