Pupils relish science field trip


A hair-raising experience was had by St Mary’s School pupils on a field trip last Monday.

They got hands-on with a Van de Graaff electrostatic generator, a machine which makes hair stand on end, during their visit to the Blue Mountain College science department.

St Mary’s teacher Mallory Hood said the college had equipment that primary schools did not.

“They’ve got labs and cool chemicals,” Miss Hood said.

About 100 pupils from years five and six took part in the field trip, immersing themselves in four science activities .

Electrical currents was the first activity.

“They learnt about what currents can and can’t pass through.”

Charlotte the pet lamb was on hand as they learnt about the properties of wool.

“They got to burn different materials and see how they burnt.”

Chemicals came out for pupils to learn about reactions, and pupils also learnt how to identify ions in a solution and use Bunsen burners.

The day was a high point of a longer focus on science for pupils at St Mary’s.

“There has been a focus on science this year as a non core curriculum topic.”

“There was a great vibe. They absolutely loved it.”

Blue Mountain College head of science Steph Green said she was pleased the pupils paid a visit to the science department.

“They seemed pretty happy,” Miss Green said.

“If we’ve inspired a few young minds to become scientists then it’s time well spent as far as I’m concerned.”Running sport mediaNike