Learning sign Edendale Primary School year two pupils and their teacher, Laura McVicar, show what the first letter of their name is in sign language.PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

A class of year two pupils has been learning sign language at Edendale Primary School.

Their teacher, Laura McVicar, has been teaching the class basic sign language since the start of year.

Miss McVicar said she did not teach it as a separate component, but incorporated it with what pupils were already learning.

Pupils said the days of the week every day, so she added sign language, she said.

“I think they love it. It puts an action to what we’re learning, as well.”

Miss McVicar first started teaching sign language at her previous school, where there was a deaf child.

“I was wondering with this class whether or not to teach it, because there isn’t a deaf child at the school, but it is one of New Zealand’s official languages, alongside English and Maori,” she said.

Pupils started off with the alphabet and learning their names, so if they ever met a deaf person they could introduce themselves.

“We actually made an alphabet video that they can show their families.”

Miss McVicar said she also learnt some sign language at teachers college.

The pupils themselves said they enjoyed singing songs with sign language, doing the alphabet and being able to sign their name if they met a deaf person.

“I like to teach my sisters and nana and granddad, because my granddad is deaf,” Fleur Blackmore (6) said.Nike sneakersNike Air Max 270 – Deine Größe bis zu 70% günstiger